Wednesday, November 6, 2013


Hello all!

Okay, so if you've ever been to this blog before, you might notice that things look a little...different.

Where is everything?

Well, in the interest of simplicity and responding to some good feedback received on my little blog here, I renamed it.  You can find everything that was here ( at my NEW blog site:

Only God Writes Trees

I am so sorry for any confusion that this may have caused...

AUTHORS AND BLOG TOUR PEOPLES:  This migration will cause some broken links.  Any and all broken links may be fixed by replacing the "ogcmat" in the link to "onlygodwritestrees".  I know this is an extra step, and I'm super sorry about that!

From here on out, any future book blogging shall occur at the above link.  I'm super excited for this - I actually like this name a lot better and think it is less confusing. There will be some initial confusion, but hopefully this new name will help.  Who can remember "ogcmat" easily anyway...  :P